Love Let Us Focus on the Locus of Living
gerald yelle

I didn't have to kill my inner child before

becoming a father, and so I didn't. 

Maybe if I had my kids would be stronger. 

But I didn't have to and so I didn't. 

Maybe I couldn't. Deemphasize certain

needs and dependencies, yes, but 

conquer them I couldn't. And now I see 

that my father hadn't killed his inner

child either –No wonder I couldn't make 

sense of his dead childhood. It was 

never dead –only swept under the rug 

at times. Mostly he had the courage 

to be miraculous: Like the moon in his backlit 

Gethsemane with its gold-jade nightlight 

where they slept so close to flight 

I could feel it breathe in them, the love 

they longed for, becoming in their 

coming together the parents we adored.


Gerald Yelle is a member of the Florence, Massachusetts Poets Society and lives in Amherst, Massachusetts. His books include The Holyoke Diaries, FutureCycle Press, and Mark My Word and the New World Order, Pedestrian Press. He has an e-chapbook at Yavaneka Press: “Industries Built on Words,” and a chapbook forthcoming from Finishing Line Press.