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About Us

This journal was established with a purpose to enable writers to explore their imagination 

beyond the conventional, and the common. We are seeking submissions that are rich in language and honest in intention. Move us. We strive to find answers to questions that cannot yet be put into words - to celebrate the stories of the underserved, and the unheard. We want to hear everyone's voices. 


Tara Tulshyan
Tara Tulshyan is currently living in the Philippines. Her works have appeared on or are forthcoming in DIALOGIST, Rising Phoenix Press and Ilanot Review among several others. She is currently working on a collection of short stories inspired by her home, the Philippines. 
Julie Rhee
Julie Rhee is a writer residing in Manila. During her free time, she enjoys reading Agatha Christie’s mysteries and drinking sweet coffee. Her work has been published or is forthcoming in Indolent Books, 580 Split, Lunch Ticket, Cleaver Magazine among others, and has been recognized by Scholastic Art and Writing Awards and Bow Seat Ocean Awareness Programs. She has also received nominations for her works, such as the Best of the Net Nomination. 
Sarah Zhang

Sarah Zhang is a Chinese-American living in the Philippines. Surrounded by a community filled with diversity, Sarah aims to share the vivid aspects of her cultures through her poetry. Her works have been accepted in Eunoia Journal, The Daphne Review, K’in Literary Journal, The Heritage Review, and have been honored by the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards. In her free time, she plays tennis with her sister and likes New York-style pizza.

Seungbihn Park
Seungbihn Park is currently living in the United States. She was born in Switzerland and lived in several countries, including the Philippines and the Dominican Republic. Her poems have been awarded by the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards and published by Trouvaille Review. She loves to surround herself with nature, and it often inspires her to write. 
Jessica (Doeun) Kim
Jessica (Doeun) Kim a South Korean currently studying at the International School of Manila. Her work has been recognised by Austin Poets International, Cathartic Youth, Isacoustic among others. During her free time, she enjoys doing contemporary dance.
Yixuan Wu 
Yixuan Wu is a Chinese who currently lives in the Philippines. When he is not studying mathematics, he is either exploring different genres of music or chatting with his peers.
ela chua 

Ela Chua is a digital artist and graphic designer currently living in the Philippines. Her art is inspired by various different artists as well as different genres of music.